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Storyteller, Illustrator and Photographer

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My Story

I am a writer, illustrator, photographer, videographer and mom based in Ontario, Canada. I'm inspired by the antics of all the fun kids in my life, and the amazing creatures who populate my pond and the forest behind my house. A goose is featured in my debut picture book, “Let’s Go, Goose-Goose!” Frogs, toads, garter snakes, chipmunks and monarch butterflies are next! I'm never without a camera in my hand and a story in my imagination!



Let's Go, Goose-Goose!

It’s almost time to fly South for the winter but Goose-Goose doesn’t feel ready. Everything will be different! And scary! And new! So, he decides he just won’t go.


But when he finds himself in an unexpected situation, Goose-Goose discovers that when he leans on a friend and trusts his instincts, new can be pretty great.


Uh, oh! Here comes the snow!

Ready? Set? Let’s Go, Goose-Goose!

Vanessa Ireson

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